Composite materials for the transport, building and aeronautics sectors
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Tools and Equipment

The experience of 2CA, will enable you to obtain quality parts thanks to a mastery of their tooling.


According to your specifications, 2CA carries out an environmental study and proposes to you:


Quick tooling machinable boards

Rapid tooling machined in 5 axes in epoxy boards for prototype parts (motor sports, aeronautics, vehicle development ...)

2CA - Tools

Contact Molding

Composite molds for lower costs (molding on contact)

2CA - Tools

RTM molding

RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) injection molding tools for appearance and series parts (defense, medical, bodywork, railway ...)

2CA - Tools

Molding infusion

Infusion tools with disposable cover for prototype parts (motor sport)

2CA - Tools

Prepreg vacuum molding

"Economic" tools made of epoxy resin and carbon reinforcement for pre-impregnated parts made by autoclave at 120 ° C (motor sports, development in aeronautics)

2CA - Tools
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