Composite materials for the transport, building and aeronautics sectors
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Composite materials

2CA specialises in the use of composite materials.
Their weight / volume / resistance ratio provides powerful and innovative solutions to the needs of the aeronautics, land transport and construction sectors.


We propose the technological solution best suited to the requirements of your specifications and the volumes to be produced.


                              Realization of the model to the tooling

                              from prototype to small or medium series


Our machine fleet allows the realization of parts and composite elements of large formats.


We implement :


Polyester and vinyl ester resins :


                              Simultaneous filtration of short fibers

                              Mat or Tissue reinforcement contact lamination

                              RTM light molding

                              Infusion molding even in large dimensions


Epoxy resins :


                              Infusion molding

                              Molding of pre-impregnated fabrics class 120 ° C or 180 ° C


Silicones :


                              Molding by casting

                              Projection of silicone for the realization of tarpaulin

                              Projection of silicone for the production of inflatable bladder


Polyurethanes :


                              Injection of low pressure PU foam in insulation or packing

                              PU reinforced molding by custom casting

2CA - Composite materials
2CA - Composite materials
2CA - Composite materials

Composite technologies

2CA regularly invests in composite utilisation technology in order to offer you new products and production processes.
We are expert in the following technologies:
- Contact moulding,
- Simultaneous projection moulding,
- Low-pressure injection moulding,
- Vacuum moulding,
- High-pressure and low-pressure moulding,
- High-pressure injection,
- Infusion.

2CA - Composite materials
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