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Study and Design

We design, advise and optimize the dimensioning of your parts by structural calculations.


We realize internally your models, molds, tools, chassis and positioning / control templates.


Whatever the size of your series, we support you on all phases of your project.

2CA - Study and design

Means and applications

3D design under SOLIDWORKS


Sizing to ANSYS


Three-dimensional photogrammetric control and 3D scanner




2CA is able to offer you today from the services of 3D digitization or 3D digitization, Photogrammetry, dimensional control and / or retro engineering.


All or almost all projects are developed on 3D software, and engineers are confronted with interface concerns between different parts of a set.

Digitization or 3D digitization is one of the solutions that makes adjustments easier.

Optimization requirements mean that adjustments between these various parts are increasingly tight, on certain projects, some elements do not have their 3D equivalent and taking dimensions on complex surfaces, remains with conventional tools, very complicated to relieve.


For measurements of a body, an aeronautical assembly, etc ... Photogrammetry coupled with laser scanning offers fast and accurate possibilities for dimensional rib survey or even re-construction (retro design, or retro engenierie ) In digital format of surfaces directly on most CAD software.


This equipment, based on dynamic optical triangulation coupled with a laser scanner, offers the possibility of acquiring a point cloud (scan), thus recreating the mesh surface with an accuracy of less than 3 hundredths.

In the case of a large volume to be digitized, photogrammetry allows us to quickly read the position of a multitude of points of an element or a set of elements, such as a body ...

This lightweight, portable and flexible equipment adapts easily to different situations and allows the digitization or digitization and then the retro design of mold, body, casing, model, prototype, event elements of small or large cut...

Based near Clermont-Ferrand, we can move easily and quickly, for on-site scanning.

2CA - Study and design
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