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New web site OPERASOL

The new website OPERASOL (a 2CA commercial brand dedicated to lightweight and custom photovolotaic) is online !

Come discover it on









Lusina is on linkedin

Lusina is closely following the Don Foster compagny, having recently joined Linkedin. Don't hesitate to follow their news.

Click on the link below :


REXIAA Group will be present at "A court de Job"


On Friday, February 7, 2020 from 3 to 7 pm, REXIAA Group will participate at the first edition of "A court de Job" trade fair. This one will be the first job meeting organized during the Clermont-Ferrand short film festival (from 31 Januray to 7 February 2020).

This job meeting will then allow us to recruit differently and introduce our compagnies, our know-how.

You will be able to meet us on the spot in a friendly setting at the "Maison de la Culture" of Clermont-Ferrand (between the 1st & 2nd floor).

Access will be totally free for all visitors

For more informations :

See you soon. 


Don Foster is on Linkedin now

REXIAA GROUP's compagny, Don Foster, has joined the professional social network Linkedin. Feel free to add the page, in order to stay connected to their news thanks the link below.

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2019.09.13 / FED 2019

Designed to promote professional meetings of defense buyers and their potential suppliers, the FED 2019 (Defense Enterprise Forum) will be held on October 2019 the 9th and 10th at the Jayat general engineering headquarters in Versailles.

Representatives of the company 2CA will take part in this forum by holding a stand to present their products and knowhow.

Over the past 30 years, this forum has become a key business hub, bringing together defense buyers, the main armed forces principals and the key industrial players in the field.






2018.11.16 / AERO'NOV Connection (13 and 14 February 2019)

Save the date


Design, research and development, manufacturing and aftersales of composites/metal hybrid functions. Key accounts support on co-design and collaborative R&D development projects, for lightering projects on composites material structures or function integration. 2CA is part of the REXIAA group, has more than 100 employees and 12 000 m² of workshop and is certified EN 9100. 2CA has been supporting prestigious clients such as AIRBUS for more than 20 years.


OPERASOL© is an innovative, patented solution developed on a partnership with CEA Liten. For new civilian or military applications, OPERASOL© photovoltaic low weight modules are designed to be shapable or foldable high optical and mechanical increased performance system. Their lightness and free shaping capability constitute a strong innovation potential, demonstrating the composites materials technology potential.



2018.08.30 / Strategic reorientation

Following a strategic reorientation of our group, we hereby inform you that our operating Site 2CA 73-Located Belmont Tramonet 73330-was ceded dated 31/07/2018 to the company EUROPE Composite & TECHNOLOGIES-E. C.T., represented by its manager Mr. François OTMESGUINE.


Having always maintained a privileged partnership with your our customers and suppliers partners, and for the sake of transparency, we wanted to inform you that this assignment will allow our site 2CA 73 to be able to benefit from the contribution of this group Recognized in the field of composite materials.


2CA will be able to continue its development of own products, industrial subcontracting, and continues to develop in new markets carried by its research and development sector.


Mr CHARLES Jacques is always your privileged contact to accompany you in your new projects.






2018.06.25 / Visit of the College of Arlanc

The students of 5th in the Collège Arlanc and the coaching thank us for welcoming them to our company on June 20. They were obviously very interested in this visit.



05.04.2018 / EUROSATORY 2018

We support you in building your R&D projects as subcontractor or buisiness partner. We can help you to choose the appropriate materials and processes. We produce all your prototypes and realize your qualification tests and reports.


Visit us Hall 6 GF 760

05.04.2018 / EUROSATORY 2018



22.02.2018 / Renewal of approvals EN 9100 and ISO 9001

After developing its service offer,

2CA is proud to extend its scope of certification EN 9100 to design.

Thus, we accompany you since the elaboration of your specifications and you propose our engineering on your Projects aeronautics and defense


08.01.2018 / Wishes 2018

The entire company 2CA presents its Best Wishes for 2018


14.12.2017 / 2CA today has an electrostatic paint gun

2CA now has an electrostatic paint gun that is specially designed to paint metal parts.


This GRACO brand set consisting of a Triton diaphragm pump and a 7.5 m Proxp85 kv pneumatic pistol, allows the paint to be applied consistently and homogeneously through an electrostatic (magnet effect) process on all surfaces Even the hardest to reach.


26.10.2017 / Enterprise Forum Defense

2CA was present at the FED (Forum Enterprise Defense) on 18 and 19 September 2017 at Versailles Satory and would like to thank the many visitors who came to discover the stand.

2CA exhibited a prototype of an autonomous conditioned container by the contribution of solar energy on behalf of CESCOF.

6 OPERASOL panels are fastened with self-gripping tapes on a sunshade provided by I-4S.

The panels produce 1.5kWc and power an air conditioner.

The container is provided by Easycube4.


From left to right and with our thanks: Philippe BARNOIN (Easycube4), IEF Frédéric ROLLAND (CESCOF), Adrien TESSONNIERE (Easycube4), Gilles DUISSARD (2CA)


23.10.2017 / They design a solar bike during their physical science class

The adventure continues for the students of Issoire ...


19.09.2017 / Acquisition of an automatic fabric cutting machine GUNNAR TTC119SCE (automatic cutting of glass, carbon and pre-impregnated fabrics)

2CA now has state-of-the-art equipment including an automatic tissue cutting machine and prepreg!


The GUNNAR TTC119SCE allows us to:

    Cut dry fabrics (carbon, fiberglass, consumables),
    Cut the prepregs,
    To create pieces of "infinite" length thanks to an automatic conveying system,
    Plate the fabrics during the cutting with a vacuum pump,


The dimensions of our machine are as follows:

    Cutting table: 1m90 x 1m30
    Table picking - kitting: 1m90 x 1m30


21.07.2017 / On the handlebars of a solar bike, students from Issoire (63) will cross Norway

A small lightweight panel, less than 4 kilos ...


This panel is primarily intended for use by the military and will allow troops in operational theaters, such as Afghanistan, to be fully autonomous. The General Directorate of Armaments needed solar panels on the roofs of the tents of the military, notably to light them at night or to cool them down. But also to equip other equipment, such as drone and radars.


Before being used thus, solar panels have a more playful function. They feed an electric bicycle, that of the high school students of Sévigné in Issoire. With, they will try to cross Norway. They will be eighteen students to take up this challenge in July 2018. Meanwhile, they test and prepare their bike.


Four students and their teacher decided to leave Issoire to join Arlanc where the headquarters of the company that creates the solar panel is located. It was designed at the premises of the company Auvergne 2CA or Concept Composites Auvergne. The panel is designed with a honeycomb material, it has the distinction of being ultra light and very robust.


Here's the video below:


27.06.2017 / 2CA and the REXIAA group thank you

2CA and the REXIAA group thank you for your visit to the international aeronautics and space exhibition PARIS - LE BOURGET.


Next appointment in 2019!


29.05.2017 / International Exhibition of Aeronautics and Space PARIS - LE BOURGET

We will be happy to welcome you on our outdoor stand : REXIAA GROUP


11.05.2017 / Acquisition of a portable 3D CREAFORM Handyscan 700 scanner

2CA is able to offer you today from the services of 3D digitization or 3D digitization, Photogrammetry, dimensional control and / or retro engineering.


All or almost all projects are developed on 3D software, and engineers are confronted with interface concerns between different parts of a set.

Digitization or 3D digitization is one of the solutions that makes adjustments easier.

Optimization requirements mean that adjustments between these various parts are increasingly tight, on certain projects, some elements do not have their 3D equivalent and taking dimensions on complex surfaces, remains with conventional tools, very complicated to relieve.


For measurements of a body, an aeronautical assembly, etc ... Photogrammetry coupled with laser scanning offers fast and accurate possibilities for dimensional rib survey or even re-construction (retro design, or retro engenierie ) In digital format of surfaces directly on most CAD software.


This equipment, based on dynamic optical triangulation coupled with a laser scanner, offers the possibility of acquiring a point cloud (scan), thus recreating the mesh surface with an accuracy of less than 3 hundredths.

In the case of a large volume to be digitized, photogrammetry allows us to quickly read the position of a multitude of points of an element or a set of elements, such as a body ...

This lightweight, portable and flexible equipment adapts easily to different situations and allows the digitization or digitization and then the retro design of mold, body, casing, model, prototype, event elements of small or large cut...

Based near Clermont-Ferrand, we can move easily and quickly, for on-site scanning.


20.04.2017 / 2CA now has a 2.5 kW Prima Platino laser cutting

This ensures the realization of sheet metal and thin sheet metalworking, especially for working sheet metal (all steels, stainless steel, aluminum ...)


We produce in-house the metallic and metallic parts necessary for the realization of your assemblies and parts of high precision.


Cutting, punching, forming, bending, riveting and painting are carried out in our sheet metal workshop.


Our ever-evolving machinery and the experience of our teams allow us to save time in implementation and quality to deliver high-performance finished products.


10.04.2017 / Installation of injection molding machine for polyurethane foam

Thanks to its mastery of the molding process and the injection of polyurethane foam (foaming), 2CA offers its experience and know-how to realize all types of custom polyurethane parts (prototypes, pre-series, small and medium series ).


Our fields of activity:


Medical, Luxury, Packaging, Railway, Building, Automotive, Leisure, Furnishing ...


Polyurethane in all these conditions ...


Our job:


Injection and molding of rigid polyurethane foam for optimum thermal insulation, and / or structural reinforcement,


Specific density / thickness / thickness polyurethane foam panels are manufactured with a low thermal conductivity coefficient (<0.022 W / m ° K)


High Resilience Flexible Foam molding, 60Kgm3 molded foam, Comfort and sound insulation,


Full-skin polyurethane foam molding (integral skin).


13.03.2017 / Revolutionary photovoltaic panel to equip the bike

The Journal LA MONTAGNE Issoire of March 13, 2017, publishes an article "A revolutionary photovoltaic panel to equip the bike"


High school students will be at the forefront of technology with their bikes.


It will be equipped with a revolutionary photovoltaic panel, Operasol, three times lighter than a conventional panel. It was designed and is about to be industrialized by 2CA, based in Arlanc. Its director, Gilles Duissard, himself presented this innovation to the students in the company of Isabelle Moniot, co-director of Rexiaa group, of which 2CA is a member.


"Everything started from a need of the Directorate General of Armaments to equip the tents of the soldiers of solar panels, to gain space when they are in Mali or in Afghanistan", relates Gilles Duissard.


Robust and effective, the panel is distinguished especially by its very low weight. And this, thanks to the use of composite materials, specialty of the company 2CA. "Our first order is for shelter containing rations for the military. The panels will power the air conditioning. "


Drones, radars, roofs ... Operasol is brought to equip everything that needs lightness. On the other hand, its price, 10 times higher than a Chinese panel, makes it difficult to market it to private individuals.


The high school students of Sévigné are therefore little lucky. The meeting between Gilles Duissard was made through Isabelle Moniot, whose son participates in the adventure. The company manager gladly agreed to help the students. A visit of the company 2CA is also on the program.

"The objective is also to give them a taste for the industry," emphasizes Gilles Duissard. They like technology, they get caught up in the game. We'll follow them. "


22.12.2016 / Wishes 2017

The entire company 2CA presents its Best Wishes for 2017


08.12.2016 / Visit of Mr. Hortefeux

On Thursday, 8 December 2016, we had the honor of receiving Mr Hortefeux, former Minister of the Interior and Vice-President of the Regional Council, accompanied by Mrs Fougère, Mayor of Ambert, and Mr Savinel, Mayor of Arlanc.

After a company visit, Mr. Duissard, General Manager, had the privilege of presenting his new product, the solar panel Opérasol.



03.10.2016 / New control room

" The quality, it is not a fast or temporary repair, it is a process of continuous improvement "

It is in this state of mind that we work and always look for new innovations to satisfy our customers.

2CA made by the quality its priority! This is the way we have just inaugurated our new control room.

Space, design, luminosity everything was thought to make of this room, a place of successful and comfortable control.


20.06.16 / 2CA thanks you

2CA thanks you for visiting its booth at EUROSATORY, the International Exhibition of Defence and Security.


07.04.2016 / EUROSATORY

2CA takes part in Eurosatory,  DEFENCE AND SECURITY INTERNATIONAL FAIR  from the 13 to the 17 June 2016.


Join us on our stand: HALL 5 - J97


After 2 years of research, 2CA has developed a lightweight solar panel 3.3 kg / m², self-supporting and integrating connectivity. Its technology has enabled installation on light structures in Canjuers.

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